veneers-sidePhoto-215x378From basic cleanings to the most advanced reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry techniques involving veneers and dental implants, Dr. Lowell Hanson and Envisia bring you comfort knowing you’ve made the best decision for you and your smile.

By choosing this State of the Art facility and the team of experts at Envisia you are ensuring that you’re getting among the most proven, trusted, and effective dental care in Bellingham and all across Whatcom County, and Northwest Washington.


Making sure your visit is comfortable is our highest priority. Our office has been designed with the comforts and care we know our patients deserve and want. The technology and amenities we have will not only impress you, but they were selected with you in mind.

  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Digital Imaging—Low Radiation
  • Satellite Radio with Sound Blocking Headphones
  • Blankets
  • Espresso and Juice Bar
  • Internet Access on a Patient Designated Computer

Complex Restoration

We specialize in the most advanced techniques and procedures to repair or replace worn, cracked and missing teeth. This may include a combination of different dental procedures including everything from veneers and dental implants to traditional braces.  Every option is specially designed and custom tailored to your specific wants and needs.


We use a combination of orthodontics and instant realignment to treat crooked teeth and restore function.  As one of the most experienced dentists in the region, Dr. Hanson has seen many dental trends come and go.  Because of that, Envisia insures that you are getting proven dentistry techniques that will give you lasting results.

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

This works with the muscles of the lips, tongue cheeks and face and their related functions (such as breathing, sucking, chewing, swallowing, and some aspects of speech).  It acts in the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of people who may have these functions compromised or altered. It can also act in improving facial aesthetics.

Thumb and Finger Sucking

The Dangers of Mouth Breathing

Braces and Tongue Thrust


A whiter smile provides an instant boost in confidence. We offer professionally tested and effective methods.

Dental Hygiene

Our hygiene specialists provide patients with education and treatment to achieve disease control and optimum health with an emphasis on patient comfort.

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