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If the thought of metal-mouth, food-collecting braces has kept you from straightening your teeth, Invisalign® is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Now you can straighten your teeth incognito without the bulky brackets and mouthful of rubber bands. Metal is for music, Invisalign® is for you.

Invisalign® straightens your teeth using clear plastic trays that are custom molded for your oral landscape. You wear a tray for two weeks, then move on to the next alignment tray.  The trays offer more comfort than traditional braces and they are far less visible. With Invisalign® there will be no more irritated gums and cheeks, or wiry smile. You won’t have to wait till your teeth are straightened to smile pain-free with confidence.

With this straightening method you can brush your teeth normally just by removing the tray. Gone are the days of spending endless minutes in front of the mirror picking food from your braces. If you don’t clean your teeth properly while in metal braces, there is risk of tooth decay and plaque buildup. But Invisalign®, makes cleaning easy. And you can eat any food you want. Pizza? You can have it. Popcorn? Absolutely. Peanuts? You bet. Carrots, doughy bagels, corn on the cob? Yes, yes, yes.

Invisalign® also cuts down on painful “adjustment” appointments. Because the trays do much of adjustments for you, there’s no need for aching wire-tightening, which means less time at the dentist.

Invisalign Teeth Straightening | Bellingham Dentist | Envisia


  • Straighten your teeth inconspicuously
  • Straighten your teeth without fear of carrying your meal in your braces
  • Allow you to you eat the foods you like during the adjustment
  • Make cleaning and brushing easy
  • Correct an over-bite or under-bite
  • Correct a distracting gap
  • Correct overlap/crowding issues

Whether you’re an adult or a teen, the Invisalign® systems are great camouflage for straightening your teeth. Don’t wait to smile with confidence, check out Invisalign® today.